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Club Penguin’s Winter Fiesta Party 2009 Cheats

Posted on: January 23, 2009

Hola Guys! Today the Winter Fiesta Party 2009 has been released, But with only one Free Item 😦 And it’s located at the Cove :-

The Free Items is a Mini Sombrero & it’s located at the Cove.

(The ID of the Mini Sombrero is : 1035)

Question :- What’s your Favourite Room of this Party?

My Answer :- The Night Club, Click Here to see it

Comment and tell me your Answer 😉

There is also a new Post Card that you can send for the Winter Fiesta Party.

In Other News : The Coin Glitch for the Dancing Contest Game has been fixed by Club Penguin 😦

~ Just Doodie ~


1 Response to "Club Penguin’s Winter Fiesta Party 2009 Cheats"

The party’s awesome! My favourite room is the forest. 🙂

Just Doodie : WOW! Cool I like it also but I think the Night Club is cooler 😉 Thanks 8)

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